How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (2023)

There are two types of emotes on Twitch - global emotes and custom emotes. Every Twitch user has access to global emotes. However, custom emoticons are personalized and you can create them yourself.

You represent emotes with a code - a colon followed by the name of the emote, ending with another colon. For example, Twitch's signature emote is called Kappa and you type :Kappa when using it. Kappa indicates sarcasm or dry humor. When you create a custom emote, you must start each emote with a channel prefix. For example, custom emotes enabledKayPea'sA Twitch channel starts with ":kayp", e.g. :kaypGood: and :kaypRainbow:

You can manage your custom emoticons in the Navigation Panel in Settings.

How to make Twitch emotes:

  • What are Twitch emotes?
  • Popular Twitch emotes
  • Who can create a custom Twitch emote?
  • Twitch Emote Requirements
  • Creating an emote on Twitch
  • Ways to design emotes
  • The best Twitch emoticon maker software
  • Adding custom emotes to your channel

What are Twitch emotes?

Emotes are Twitch-specific symbols that viewers and streamers use to express their emotions in chat. There are two types of emotes on Twitch:

  1. Global emoticons- Emotes that anyone can use on Twitch. These include :HeyGuys: (casual greeting), :LUL: (laughs), :bleedPurple: (Twitch pride) and :NotLikeThis: (sign of consternation). Of course, it's not the words that appear on the screen. They are replaced by the corresponding images. For example, :HeyGuys: is represented by a waving image of a woman, :LUL: is represented by a laughing man, :bleedPurple: is represented by a purple heart, bleeding purple drops, and :NotLikeThis: shows someone with their head in their hands.
  2. Custom emotes– emoticons that you design yourself, so they are original for you.

People generally use emoticons to reinforce some simple idea. They can use them to add more expression to a text chat. In addition, custom emotes can act as a regular channel ad. Every time someone uses your emote on another channel, there's a chance that someone will follow it back to your channel and join your community.

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Popular Twitch emotes

StreamElements holds the filecurrent record of Twitch emote usage. Currently, the most popular emote is :forsenE:, which has been used more than 10 billion times. This is more than three times more than using the second R emote placed). The :forsenE: emote is a custom emote featured on Swedish player Sebastion Fors' channel -Rapid. Forsen's followers regularly spam other channels using his custom emote, a warped version of his face. They even organize spam campaigns on Reddit.

The second most popular Twitch emote is :R), which depicts a pirate.

The next most popular tool is :TriHard: which Twitch viewers use when they want to turn things up. Shows the streamer's faceTrihex. This photo was taken at the Akon-23 anime convention in Texas in June 2012, when TriHex was photographed with a Dragon Ball poster.

Twitch's signature emote, :Kappa:, is based on former Justin.TV employee Josh DeSeno. People use an emoji when they say something sarcastic. If someone does something that makes you roll your eyes, :Kappa: is the right emote to use in response.

Who can create a custom Twitch emote?

While anyone can use global emoticons on Twitch, only Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners can use custom Twitch emotes. You can think of your custom emoticons as your brand as your community members will mainly use them. You can also offer them to your subscribers as a reward.

Twitch Emote Requirements

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (2)

People of all ages use Twitch. That's why Twitch has placed restrictions on what can be used as emotes. You must abide by Twitch's rulesTerms of ServiceICommunity Guidelines. They primarily emphasize that your emotes must be legal, respect copyrights and trademarks, and not depict sexual or violent acts or self-destructive behavior (e.g., suicide, illegal drug use, illegal alcohol consumption, or dangerous driving). you should check that your emote doesn't break any of these rules before paying someone to create your emote or taking the time to make one.

Twitch has also set the tech specs for your emotes. They should be:

  • Plik .png
  • Size < 25KB
  • Uploaded in three sizes: 28x28 pixels, 56x56 pixels and 112x112 pixels
  • They have a transparent background
  • Easily readable
  • Clear and sharp

You must select a unique code added after the emoji prefix.

Creating an emote on Twitch

The first thing you need to do when creating an emote is to think about your community - after all, the main purpose of a custom emote is to bring your community together. Therefore, think about what types of emoticons will interest your community.


Many streamers started this process by asking their communities for suggestions. It's easier to come up with ideas when a group of people are brainstorming than to come up with the perfect emote yourself. Also, by allowing the community to be involved in the development process, you'll increase the likelihood that they'll purchase the emote once you've finalized it.

You want your custom emote to represent your channel in some way. It can refer to the tagline you use in your streams, the games you play, the nickname you can call your viewers, or the overall branding you give your channel. It also needs to be an idea you can convey in a small graphic.

You should also think about how your audience uses global emoticons. Under what circumstances do people like to use emoticons? For example, they may use them to say hello to new followers or subscribers, as a facepalm or LOL expression in response to another user's comments (or your gameplay), as a way of reacting when something goes wrong in your game, or even as a expressing rage.

As your community grows, you'll unlock additional emote slots, allowing you to create new emotes to represent different emotions or situations.

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Ways to design emotes

How you go about designing an emote will depend on your design skills and willingness to use graphics software. If you're interested in graphic design, you might want to consider creating an emote yourself; otherwise, you can commission an image to be used as an emote.

Even if you intend to have your emote designed by a third party, you should probably do some rough sketches first so that you have a general idea of ​​what you want to convey with the emote. Your emotes need to be engaging - it's not enough to just copy existing emotes used by hundreds of other streamers. Having a truly custom emote will encourage people to get your emote.

1. Outsource the creation of emotes

If you're not comfortable using design tools, outsource your emote creation. There are many independent artists who want to do this work. Here are some of the common places to find designersFiver,superior job,Behance, a nawet TwitchaArt Sectionwhere you can ask for help from an artist currently online.

2. Create your own Twitch emote

If you have graphic skills or simply can't afford to pay a professional artist, you can create your own Twitch emote. You will find many programs that can help you, from free websites to advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop.

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The best Twitch emoticon maker software

1.Creator emotes OWN3D

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (3)

OWN3D has a tool that helps you create unique emotes for Twitch, YouTube or Discord. You can create and download your emotes instantly without waiting and integrate them into your stream the same day. OWN3D works with professional illustrators who constantly bring different drawing styles to their Emoji Creator, so there's always something new.

You can create the perfect emote with 25,000,000,000 combinations. You follow a four-step process:

  1. Choose your character
  2. Customize your emote
  3. Choose your emotes
  4. The download will start immediately after payment

2.Placeit Emoji Maker

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (4)

Placeit has 250 templates and tools you can use to create a Twitch emote. In this case, you're not starting from scratch, so your emote won't be completely original, but you can modify the existing artwork and add your preferred text. This software is free, easy to use, and extremely quick to make your own emote.


How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (5)

GIMP is another free online image editor. It is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and other operating systems. GIMP gives you powerful tools to get the job done. With these tools, you can create high-quality emotes. However, GIMP can be complicated to learn and is best for someone with some artistic skills.

4.Clip Studio Paint

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (6)

Clip Studio Paint describes itself as a software for artists to draw and paint. Perfect for digital painting. Although Clip Studio Paint is a paid software, you can use all the features for free for up to six months. Because Clip Studio Paint has so many features, creating a good emote can be time consuming for beginners.

5.Adobe Photoshop

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (7)

(Video) TWITCH EMOTE TUTORIAL - You can draw emotes!

The industry leader in photo manipulation is Adobe Photoshop. It is world-class imaging and graphic design software that is the foundation of almost every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation and graphic design. It is very complex and most suitable for people who already understand its capabilities or are willing to spend a lot of time learning them. While the full version can be expensive, you can try Photoshop for seven days for free.

6.Flux offset

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (8)

With StreamShift's Twitch Emote Maker Tool, you can design and preview emotes on the fly, and reduce wait times if you outsource. They give volume discounts, so you can enjoy up to 30% off when buying multiple emoticons that you design with this tool. The tool offers full customization of all functions, which means tens of millions of unique, different combinations.

7.Emoji Creator

How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (9)

The emoticon maker includes a Twitch emoticon creation tool. You choose a style and then customize the emote before downloading it. You can choose Avatar style, Chibi style or Cartoon style. You start with the basic emote of your chosen gender, then set your skin tone, clothes, hair, eyes, mouth, glasses, beard, mustache, hat, headset, special items, hands, and text.


How to create emotes on Twitch (+Top emote creators on Twitch) (10)

Kapwing Studio allows you to take any image, GIF or video, add text, create memes, resize and more. Anyone can use it to share media stories, create digital art, and edit media online. Kapwing makes it easy to design, remove the background, and resize all your emoticons.

You can create custom Twitch emotes by following a five-step process:

  1. Start with a blank canvas
  2. Add your photo or design
  3. Remove the background
  4. Download any emote size
  5. Upload to Twitch

Adding custom emotes to your channel

Once you've created your emotes, you'll want to upload them to your Twitch channel. You do this by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the Partner(s) Settings tab. Then click on Emotes and upload your emotes in three specific sizes. Finally, click Save Changes.

Twitch grants you one sub emote slot if you are an Affiliate, for a total of up to five unlockable slots. Partners receive six automatic slots and can unlock up to 60 emote slots in total.

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What is the number 1 emote on Twitch? ›

Frequently Asked Questions

At the time of this writing, TriHard was the most used Twitch emote, by nearly half a billion usages. LUL and the Twitch heart emote came in second and third with an approximate 75 million usage difference.

Can Twitch mods create emotes? ›

To add the mod as editor, the broadcaster can go to the Editors tab on the left. Then enter the Twitch userid of the mod and submit. Easy! Now, both the broadcast and the mod should be able to add or remove emotes to the broadcaster's BTTV palette.

Can you have custom emotes on Twitch without Affiliate? ›

Viewers will see a call out in Chat once Follower Emotes have been added. Thanks to your feedback, Follower Emotes can now be used by subscribers in any channel on Twitch. Follower who are not subscribers may continue to use Follower Emotes only within that channel itself.

How do I get more Tier 1 emotes? ›

Partners and Affiliates can earn additional emote slots for their Tier 1 subscription product based on the number of sub points they have reached. Check out our Subscriber Emote Guide for more details and information about Subscriber Emotes.

What's a good price for making Twitch emotes? ›

$27 each or 3 for $70

For each emote you will receive the following sizes: 112 x 112, 56 x 56, 28 x 28 pixels. Larger, high resolution files are available and can be purchased for $10 per file. Each order includes a social media graphic you can use to show off your new emotes.

What is the rarest emote ever? ›

Fresh – The Rarest Emote In Fortnite

This is the rarest Fortnite emote today and will probably be for a long time, mostly due to the story behind it. This dance was introduced in the item shop in 2017 for 800 V-Bucks and was last seen on November 2018, over 1,600 days ago.

Who is rank 1 on Twitch? ›

1: Ninja – Followers: 18.5 million

Twitch: Ninja Ninja is by far the most-followed streamer on Twitch.

What is the first emote? ›

The first ASCII emoticons are generally credited to computer scientist Scott Fahlman, who proposed what came to be known as "smileys" – :-) and :-( – in a message on the bulletin board system (BBS) of Carnegie Mellon University in 1982.

What is emote spamming? ›

In my experience emote-spam is usually gloating by players who think they've got the game in the bag. While squelching does solve the problem, there's huge personal satisfaction to be had from actually winning and emoting back that "wow" as you go in for lethal.

How do you emote b3? ›

To pull up the emote wheel when playing Borderlands 3 on console, simply hold the Options button on PS4 or the Menu button on Xbox One, and it'll appear on your screen.

What is the emote key? ›

Hold the Emote key to open the emote wheel and click on an emote of your choice to activate it. This cannot be done while aiming down sights. On the release of Squad 4.2 we will have a few available options for you to try. Free options will be directly available on release.

Can mods ban Twitch? ›

If you're the channel owner or channel moderator, you can ban someone from your chat.

Can bots use custom emotes? ›

What you have to do is have your bot in a server with whichever emotes you want to use in your bot. Then, you type the emote with a backslash in front and send it, returning something like <:honk:670458084136845352> . That's what you put in the message for your bot.

How long do Twitch emotes take to get approved? ›

Instant Upload Eligibility Requirements

Partners in Good Standing and select eligible Affiliates can upload their emotes without manual review by Twitch staff. This means that their emotes are live and available to the community immediately upon upload.

How long does emote approval take? ›

The approval wait time is usually 48 hours, but this may fluctuate depending on how many emotes are in the approval process.

Do Twitch emotes need to be approved? ›

All emotes require manual approval before they can be used on the site. However, instant emote upload is available to Twitch Partners in Good Standing and Affiliates that meet the criteria listed in our Emote Guidelines.

Can you lose Affiliate on Twitch? ›

Our aim is not to get rid of folks who are broadcasting on a semi-regular basis. Rather, this element is designed to allow Twitch to terminate members of the Affiliate Program that walk-away from the program through a complete lack of participation for longer than 12 months.

What is the rare emote on Twitch? ›

What is Golden Kappa? The Golden Kappa is a fun easter egg added in by the Twitch Devs. It is a rare variation of the most popular Twitch emote (Kappa) but is gold instead of grayscale. For years, its existence was questioned and shrouded in mystery.

Are champion emotes rare? ›

The Tournament King Champion is one of the rarest emotes in Clash Royale, and is reserved for the elite.

How much to charge for custom emotes? ›

You can sometimes get emotes for your channel for free if you find someone to volunteer their time and skill (or create them yourself, of course). Sylwia charges around $32 per emote, but other artists charge much more. MoonMoon said he pays a minimum of $80 for any emote used on his stream.

Where can I sell custom emotes? ›

Start earning money from your Twitch overlays today

You can buy & sell Twitch overlays, emotes, graphics, or any other digital products for streamers on Gumroad for FREE — no monthly fees, seriously.

Can emotes be copyrighted? ›

In order to obtain copyright protection, the item being protected must be an (1) original (2) work of authorship that is (3) fixed in a tangible medium of expression (such as a digital emote).

How many emotes can you have as an affiliate? ›

Affiliates can have a maximum of 7 emotes. Out of the 7 slots, 3 are automatically granted for affiliate status. An emote for T1 subscribers and a further emote for T2 and T3 subscribers. The other 4 are restricted by your subscriber point count.

How many frames should a Twitch emote? ›

GIF images cannot be more than 60 frames. Must not flash or flicker more than 3 times within a 1 second period.

How much is a Twitch contract? ›

How Much Do Twitch Streamers/Partners Make Per Sub? Twitch Partners and their subscription payments normally result in streamers taking home a generous 50% of the $4.99 per month cost. The other 50% is collected by Twitch itself. There are also monthly contributions of $9.99 and $24.99 per month.

Is take the L rare? ›

Take The L is a Rare Emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that could have been unlocked by reaching Tier 31 in the Season 3 Battle Pass.

How rare is take 14 emote? ›

Take 14 (emote)
Take 14
SourceItem Shop
Cost200 V-Bucks
11 more rows

Is no sweat a rare emote? ›

No Sweat is a Rare Emote in Battle Royale that can be purchased from the Item Shop.

What makes you top 1% of Twitch? ›

If you're affiliated/partnered and bringing in more than six viewers, that puts you in the top 30% of your peers. 11 or more land you in the top 15%, and finally, to get into the tippy-top 1%, you'll need 251+ viewers.

What is the 1st symbol on Twitch? ›

Having a Twitch Founder Badge next to your name means you were one of the first ten people to support a content creator. The exclusive club is available only for the select few who were there as a given streamer was starting his career.

What is 1 gifted on Twitch? ›

Gift subs allow viewers to give 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of subscription towards your channel to another user. Gift recipients can upgrade their gift to a regular subscription, which renews beyond the purchased gift period. Viewers can choose the Tier, duration, and theme of their gift.

How rare is fresh emote? ›

The rarest emote in Fortnite is Fresh which was last seen in the Item Shop on November 21, 2018. This implies that players around the world haven't been able to purchase this emote for over 1500 days and the number is increasing with each passing day.

Why is it called an emote? ›

Emote is an example of what linguists call a back-formation—that is, a word formed by trimming down an existing word (in this case, emotion). As is sometimes the case with back-formations, emote has since its coinage in the early 20th century tended toward use that is less than entirely serious.

Is laugh it up a rare emote? ›

Laugh It Up is a Rare Emote in Battle Royale that can be purchased from the Item Shop.

What is iron bear? ›

The Iron Bears were a private military company based out of Russia led by General Vassili Rykov.

How old is Moze? ›

Moze, The Gunner

It affected her severely. Age: Mid-20s. Identifies: As female.

Who is Moze? ›

Moze was originally a soldier in the Vladof army's Ursa Corps, a mechanized infantry division that utilized bipedal, 15-ton "Iron Bear" mechs. She became a battle-hardened veteran of many ludicrously dangerous battles across the six galaxies and rose to the rank of Gunner First Class.

How do you use lunar emote? ›

How to equip Lunar Client Emotes Print
  1. Step 1: Open the Lunar Client Emotes menu. Press the Right Shift key. Open the Lunar Emotes menu.
  2. Step 2: Locate your new Lunar Client Emote. To equip an emote, simply click on it! Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Send feedback. Sorry we couldn't be helpful.
Oct 8, 2022

What is the fortnite Cardi B emote called? ›

'Stuck' features the viral TikTok dance set to music from Cardi B's hit song 'Up,' which all nearby players can hear.

Can I upload my own emotes to BTTV? ›

To upload Twitch emotes to BetterTTV, you need to install the extension and then upload emotes that can be used on your own Twitch channel. Log in using your Twitch information, then authorize BTTV to access your Twitch account.

Can I use my own Twitch emotes in other channels? ›

Subscriber emotes can be used globally across Twitch, so we apply our guidelines with this in mind.

When can you add your own emotes to Twitch? ›

The ability to add custom emotes to a Twitch channel is unlocked once the streamer's account is upgraded to an Affiliate or Partner channel. Verified accounts also have the ability to create emotes (while all Partners have Verified accounts, Verification can also be bestowed upon brands and other organizations).

How much do I charge for emotes? ›

You can sometimes get emotes for your channel for free if you find someone to volunteer their time and skill (or create them yourself, of course). Sylwia charges around $32 per emote, but other artists charge much more. MoonMoon said he pays a minimum of $80 for any emote used on his stream.

Do affiliates get custom emotes? ›

All Affiliates have an additional emote slot on Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriptions. Affiliates receive access to 1 animated emote slot, and can unlock access to a total of 5 animated emote slots.

Can streamers use their own bit emotes? ›

Emote rewards earned by unlocking Bits Reward Tiers can only be used by the channel owner and viewers who have unlocked the corresponding badge tier through Cheering.

How do I add own3d emotes to Twitch? ›

Submitting your emote to Twitch
  1. You must have a Twitch account and be a Twitch Partner or Affiliate. ...
  2. On the emote dashboard, click on the “Upload Emote” button.
  3. Select the emote image you want to upload. ...
  4. Enter a name for your emote and select the emotes set you want to add it to.
  5. Click the “Upload” button.
Feb 22, 2023

What does kreygasm mean? ›

Kreygasm is a Twitch emote used to show a sign of joy and satisfaction. The Kreygasm emote shows the streamer "KreyG" with a satisfied facial expression.

Why is PogChamp called PogChamp? ›

Etymology. The term "PogChamp" refers to a 2011 promotional video called "Pogs Championship" by Gutierrez, in which he wins a game of Pogs.

How many Twitch emotes can affiliates have? ›

Affiliates can have a maximum of 7 emotes. Out of the 7 slots, 3 are automatically granted for affiliate status. An emote for T1 subscribers and a further emote for T2 and T3 subscribers. The other 4 are restricted by your subscriber point count.


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